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Volume 6, Issue 1 2015
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Captain Terence Robinson, MM MSA CIP
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Welcome to Tech Talk

ReevesWelcome to the summer 2015 issue of Tech Talk.

This is the first issue since the GTS® Renaissance project was initiated to support our stated strategy to continue to expand GTS across the globe.

Together with the new leadership team I have undertaken a detailed review of our GTS operations, and plans are now being implemented to grow our major, complex and specialty businesses across all of our property and casualty business units.

TechTalk August 2015 Cover

The response to the new focus on GTS has been universally welcomed, and I look forward to the challenge of obtaining new business, increasing the breadth of our services and the recruitment of specialist and professional staff.

There are a couple of points about this issue of Tech Talk that I’d like to highlight.

First, the theme for this issue could be considered Heavy Lifting. Whether GTS is assisting with the recovery of one of the world’s largest mobile cranes, or overseeing a very large marine vessel that is transporting another large marine vessel, our feature stories this issue both deal with the careful, strategic movement of large, extremely valuable pieces of complex equipment.

Also in this issue we profile my colleague Tom Carstens, one of several senior executives who have chosen to return to GTS after career detours with other firms. After almost 35 years with Crawford & Company®—and GTS—Tom has some compelling opinions on our industry and the role of adjusters, and I think you’ll find his insights engaging and thoughtful.

Tom’s return to GTS reinforces a trend you’ll see dominating our New & Noteworthy section. In the last six months across the Americas, we’ve added more than a dozen new professionals, ranging from senior vice presidents to international executive adjusters and regional general adjusters. We expect to continue adding to our ranks with more skilled and experienced adjusters this year.

This growth in technical professionals reflects our progress on the global GTS expansion. We are focusing on increasing technical expertise in key industries and product lines such as Marine, Aviation, Energy, and Forensic Accountancy and by delivering superior service to maintain and grow the trust of our clients. We have a keen eye on emerging products and services as evidenced by our recent launch of a unique solution to the reality of cyber and cyber-related losses.

While we grow in new areas we are not losing sight of our core GTS products, which as I mentioned are being bolstered by our constant focus on attracting top talent and providing our people with training and mentoring opportunities.

If you would like to know about our new people and enhanced capabilities—or anything else GTS related—then please contact me at

Mike Reeves is executive vice president and head of Global Technical Services for Crawford & Company. He is responsible for the group’s strategic planning and market management of its complex, specialty and major loss businesses.