Banking and Finance

Professional Credentials

Significant losses in any financial institution immediately become mission-critical and can quickly escalate in their complexity. There are precious few who possess the skills and experience to evaluate, adjust, and resolve large-loss claims on financial institutions. The Crawford Global Technical Services (GTS) Banking and Finance group assists financial institutions looking for ways to restore operations, evaluate exposure, and resume normal operations. We deliver results that are efficient, accurate, and fast.

We have one of the industry’s most robust practices focused on the financial industry. Our technical adjusters have total access to every resource in the Crawford global network. They are trained to the highest level in claims management and come to the table with backgrounds in accounting, forensic accounting, information technology, and other pertinent academic fields. 

Real-World Experience

The GTS Banking and Finance group has worked on virtually every large loss in this sector. We have serviced a full spectrum of financial institutions, including consumer and commercial banks, investment banks, brokerage and securities firms, property and casualty insurers, life insurers, asset managers, credit card companies, and other diversified firms. 

We understand the dynamics of multi-line, multi-national financial institutions and their impact on global and local economies, as well as the dynamics and impact of hedging, foreign exchange, and public and private markets. 

Our mission is to investigate and assess the extent of the problem and institute strategies that enable a speedy return to normal trading. Most of the immediate day-to-day activity will revolve around the quantification of business interruption and stock losses that flow from large, complex losses. 

Our team will assume responsibility for:

  • Analysing historical trend data
  • Applying modelling techniques to predict outcomes
  • Calculating rates of gross profit and rates of payroll
  • Evaluating anticipated revenue
  • Gathering information and financial records
  • Researching benchmark data
  • Reviewing budgets and forecasts

Client Centricity 

Our combination of professionals with our global reach means minimum downtime and streamlined recovery processes. All stakeholders expect your organisation to run without service interruption. We can help with business continuity strategies and planning for high availability and recovery.

Our experience is broad and deep, covering:

  • Business interruption
  • Financial liability, fidelity guarantee, and fraud
  • Fraud and embezzlement
  • Investigation and recovery
  • Litigation and mediation support
  • Product liability, product recall, and guarantee
  • Tax

The Benefits of Crawford GTS

The multinational and global risk and insurance community needs a team of experts with the experience and industry focus to evaluate and assess damages under extreme conditions. Crawford GTS has the commitment, skills, resources, technology and the experience required to meet the specific needs of each client.

Crawford GTS Key Service Features:

  • World-wide service: A global network of experts, including surveyors, environmental scientists, engineers, consultants, and specialist case handlers
  • Compliance: Strict adherence to relevant governing legislation (ELD, CERCLA/Superfund, etc.)
  • Cost-effective: Reduced indemnity spend, financial assurance for insurers
  • Confidence: Transparent claims procedures and reporting standards
  • Reliability: Experienced, qualified professionals, infrastructure and leadership to strategically project manage losses anywhere on the globe

For more information about GTS expertise in the banking and finance industry, please contact one of our specialist adjusters in your region.