Media and Entertainment

There's No Business Like Show Business 

The media and entertainment industry has never been larger and more complex, encompassing high degrees of risk, unpredictability, and potential liability. Crawford Global Technical Services (GTS) will partner with you and lead the coordination of any large entertainment claim. We can organise and moderate all of the conflicting points of view and requirements, including those of production partners, financing partners, property and rentals, agents, and lawyers, among others.

Production Is A Perishable Commodity

GTS understands the speed with which entertainment claims must be handled. Productions operate on schedules that often cannot be changed significantly, so responding with speed and sensitivity to the needs of financial, logistical, and emotional concerns is part of our modus operandi.

Film, Theatre, And Television Production

The underwriting of large media productions is one of the most sophisticated and specialised areas of insurance. The issues are exciting and unpredictable; simple factors of talent, weather, scheduling, crowd control, equipment, and constantly evolving financial structures make risk management in this area extremely challenging. As production becomes increasingly global and joint ventures, partnerships, and cross-collateralization make risk more complex, it is more critical than ever to have professional partners who fully understand complex claims and losses and who have the resources to deal with the myriad of issues involved.

The Star Did Not Show Up

Crawford GTS Media and Entertainment professionals have direct experience with problems just like this, or a typhoon that destroyed all the sets on location, or where a financial partner has pulled out. Our technical adjusters understand how personality-driven and time-sensitive these situations are, and how, like dominoes, every single piece affects every other one. We have worked with major stars on both major studio and independently financed pictures. We have managed some of the industry’s largest individual property claims and have mediated the losses on two of the largest grossing motion pictures of all time. We have assessed claims and damages for underwriting large live events and large-scale theatrical productions.

Our group has directly assessed and adjusted claims in the areas of:

  • Cast insurance
  • Contingency
  • Errors and omissions
  • Extra expense
  • Film set property damage
  • General liability
  • Office and studio risks
  • Stage property damage

Casino And Gaming

This specialised area of the entertainment industry has a series of underwriting challenges. We provide loss adjustment for operations of all types, including riverboats, dockside, land-based, and sovereign nation casinos. Our teams have experience and expertise in the specifics of gaming, surveillance, and electronic data processing equipment. We have adjusted losses in personal liability, structural failure, and class action lawsuits.

The Benefits of Crawford GTS

The multinational and global risk and insurance community needs a team of experts with the experience and industry focus to evaluate and assess damages under extreme conditions. Crawford GTS has the commitment, skills, resources, technology and the experience required to meet the specific needs of each client.

Crawford GTS Key Service Features:

  • World-wide service: A global network of experts, including surveyors, environmental scientists, engineers, consultants, and specialist case handlers
  • Compliance: Strict adherence to relevant governing legislation (ELD, CERCLA/Superfund, etc.)
  • Cost-effective: Reduced indemnity spend, financial assurance for insurers
  • Confidence: Transparent claims procedures and reporting standards
  • Reliability: Experienced, qualified professionals, infrastructure and leadership to strategically project manage losses anywhere on the globe

For more information about GTS expertise in the media and entertainment industry, please contact one of our specialist adjusters in your region.