For communications, media, and technology firms, every day brings a new round of risks, including financial challenges, market volatility, fluctuating demand for products and services, and unprecedented scrutiny of corporate governance practices. Couple these general business concerns with risks that may arise with emerging technologies, and the only constant for your company is change.

As the world's leading provider of custom claims and administration solutions, Crawford Global Technical Services (GTS) is expert in creating customised solutions that help these ever-changing industries manage losses strategically. Our Technology industry group works with a range of technology and tech-intensive companies. Our clients in the Technology group include software, hardware, and peripherals manufacturers, Internet and new media companies, data networking and infrastructure providers and consultants, semiconductors and capital equipment, technology services, and nanotechnology. 

The GTS Technology group has experience and expertise in claims focused on:

  • Business interruption and business continuity
  • Consultants’ professional liability
  • Convergence and bundling
  • Errors and omissions
  • Intellectual property
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Patent protection and infringement

Working with a trusted advisor to help manage risk can keep your company competitive in the challenging world of technology. GTS makes it easy for you to tap into our experts' broad industry knowledge. Whether your claims involve infrastructure, manufacturing, intellectual property, warranty, class action, or regulatory conflict, GTS will bring you cutting-edge insights and solutions in program design, placement, service, and administration. The professionals in our practice serve many clients with similar risk issues, risk profiles, and servicing requirements. The depth and breadth of our experience allow us to provide you with innovative solutions to address your specific needs. 

The GTS Technology group manages large losses for clients in the following industries:

Technology Products, Applications, And Computer Programming Services

  • Computers and peripherals
  • Data storage
  • Data warehousing
  • Enterprise solutions
  • Semiconductors
  • Server, network, and application management
  • Servers, switches, telecom infrastructure
  • Software manufacturers (pre-packaged and custom) 

IT Integrators And Consultants

  • IT staff augmentation providers
  • Network architecture
  • Suitability analysis and consulting
  • Systems integrators
  • Systems designers

Managed And Outsourced IT Services

  • ASPs (application service providers)
  • Computer and peripheral leasing
  • Computer processing services
  • Connectivity services
  • E-commerce enablers
  • Hosting services
  • Outsourced computer-related applications or service providers
  • Web services

Whatever the claim in these complex businesses, wherever in the world, GTS can have experts on the ground at the loss site virtually instantaneously. 

GTS Strategic Loss Management Ensures Focus On The End Game: Minimising BI 
Business interruption is an exposure common to all businesses regardless of type or size. Loss of critical functions caused by natural or man-made hazards such as terrorism, fires and explosions, earthquakes, windstorms, bomb threats, hazardous waste spills, workplace fatalities, and product tampering, among others, can impact your company's market share, profits, growth rate, shareholder value, sales volumes, and corporate reputation.

To limit loss of earnings due to business interruption, most companies obtain insurance coverage to compensate them for the inherent financial consequences. But traditional transactional insurance is not always enough to maintain shareholder value, prevent loss of market share, or protect against other adverse risks.

Our technical adjusters understand how large losses can impact not only the specifics of the claims, but also operations of the business at large. We mobilise the appropriate professionals in Business Recovery Planning, IT Recovery, Operational Reengineering, and Forensic Accounting.

The Benefits of Crawford GTS

The multinational and global risk and insurance community needs a team of experts with the experience and industry focus to evaluate and assess damages under extreme conditions. Crawford GTS has the commitment, skills, resources, technology and the experience required to meet the specific needs of each client.

Crawford GTS Key Service Features:

  • World-wide service: A global network of experts, including surveyors, environmental scientists, engineers, consultants, and specialist case handlers
  • Compliance: Strict adherence to relevant governing legislation (ELD, CERCLA/Superfund, etc.)
  • Cost-effective: Reduced indemnity spend, financial assurance for insurers
  • Confidence: Transparent claims procedures and reporting standards
  • Reliability: Experienced, qualified professionals, infrastructure and leadership to strategically project manage losses anywhere on the globe

For more information about GTS expertise in the technology industry, please contact one of our specialist adjusters in your region.